Free Software or: How I Learned to Stop Worrrying and Love the Computer (PDF)

Can Free Software Stop Malware? (PDF)

What is Software Freedom?

Software is increasingly powering our lives. From family photos and email to web and business applications, software gives us great power to get things done. Unfortunately, too much software has restrictions upon its use, modification, and sharing.

We believe software must be free, meaning you are free to study it, modify it to suit your needs, copy the software, and distribute your changes. We call these four concepts the four freedoms and if the software you're using doesn't give you them you should look for a free alternative.

About TryGNULinux.com

We are working to let more people know about free software and its benefits to themselves and society.

Currently we provide the above essays and administer a forum focused on the people and concepts related to software freedom. We also develop some free software tools and in the past we recorded 11 episodes of the Free Software Podcast that you may enjoy if you're unfamiliar with free software.

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