The Mission

One of the major roadblocks to the growth of free and open source software is a lack of support for the end-user. As techies, many of us don't think twice about searching for an answer, reading forum threads, going to IRC, or even running scripts.

But to a whole new breed of free software users, this process is foriegn and complicated. So we are here to reach out to those frustrated users who want to try free software and need help getting comfortable.

Who are we?

TryGNULinux.com was started by David Sterry, a computer support guy, developer, and free software advocate. We currently have 3 other members ready to provide support and at this stage in the game, we need help with publicity so new users can find us.

If you'd like to get involved, please fill out the join us form.

Privacy policy

* We will never rent or sell your information to third parties for any purpose.

* In order to provide the service, we need to share your contact information with at least one of our screened, support providing volunteers. These volunteers are permitted to access your information only for the purpose of providing free support and may not sell your information, attempt to sell you a product or service or to coerce you into buying any third-party product or service.

* At your option, we will erase your name and contact information from our database. We do keep server logs and support notes indefinitely to aid in better serving those in need of support in the future.

If you suspect a violation of any our policies, please contact support@trygnulinux.com