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Date Newsletter/Podcast Title Podcast Link
2010-05-12 Defining the Freedom to Migrate
2010-03-20 Malware: The Ultimate Solution
2010-01-20 The Fifth Freedom Episode 11
2009-12-11 Free Software or: How I Learned to...
2009-08-30 Freetards Strike Back Episode 10
2009-07-14 The Mono Horse Episode 9
2009-06-03 OpenProj and Lemote YeeLoong Episode 8
2009-05-05 End Software Patents Episode 7
2009-04-13 Free Software Jobs Episode 6
2009-03-27 The Four Freedoms Episode 5
2009-03-13 High Priority Projects Episode 4
2009-03-05 Recycling with Free Software Episode 3
2009-02-13 Freedom is the Next Step Episode 2
2009-01-27 2009: Year of the GNU/Linux Government Episode 1
2009-01-01 2009 New Year's Resolution
2008-12-18 Software is Play
2008-12-04 Do you have the basics?
2008-11-24 OpenOffice, The Gimp and Free Software in Kerala
2008-11-20 Free Software Enables Cutting Edge Education